Blog tour: ‘In My Dreams,’ by Stef Gemmill, illustrated by Tanja Stephani.

Today it’s my stop on the blog tour, so I get to share with you a magical new bedtime read: ‘In My Dreams,’ by Stef Gemmill.


As a little boy drifts off to sleep, his dreams take him to the furthest reaches of his imagination. Diving to the deepest depths of the ocean, dancing in the jungle and sledding across frozen plains. All whilst accompanied by his faithful dog and looking down on a world he loves and which loves him in return.


Everybody has dreams but we don’t always remember them, but when we do, they often have a hazy, out-of-this-world quality to them with fantastical locations and strange characters. This beautiful book explores a very special dreamland with marshmallow clouds and jelly puddles.

I loved the premise of being able to travel far and wide in a place with no limits – anything you wish for could happen in dreamland. All whilst you slumber in the safe, blanket-covered cocoon of your bed.

It was pleasing to see that the book also addressed the scary night shadows who come to try and steal your sleep away.  It gave the power to dreamer to chase them off with a blink of their eyes – very reassuring for young readers.

The illustrations by Tanja Stephani are beautiful – soft, dreamy and infused with the special magic which is only conjured up by the very best of dreams on the edge of twilight.  It was very difficult to capture the cover in all its glory – there are the most wonderful gold sparkles embedded on the front which would make the book impossible to miss on a bookshelf. This, plus the gorgeous, inspirational text will help lull readers off to sleep and into sweet dreams of their own.

A beautiful new bedtime read to spark imaginations and help readers and listeners gently drift off to sleep. 3+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to New Frontier Publishing for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour. Make sure you visit some of the other stops too*


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