‘Gorilla Ballerina: A Book of Bonkers Animal Poems,’ by Neal Zetter, illustrated by Julian Mosedale.

I recently had the great pleasure of chatting to poet, performer and educator, Neal Zetter, on my Library Girl and Book Boy podcast (click HERE to listen). He talked about the importance of poetry in schools, how to get children engaged with poems and about his plans for delivering online workshops whilst large gatherings are banned – you can find links at the end of this post.

After hearing about the poetry basket which we have in our downstairs toilet (where better to enjoy a quick poem?!), he very kindly sent a copy of his latest poetry anthology, ‘Gorilla Ballerina: A Book of Bonkers Animal Poems.’


A brilliant collection of poems about animals both expected and not, it was seized and read by #BookBoy before it made it to the basket!

In amongst the dogs and horses, you’ll find quaggas, armadillos and hyenas. But Book Boy’s personal favourite was ‘W.A.S.P,’ about (you guessed it) everyone’s least favourite picnic pest!


As well as writing fantastic and hilarious poetry, Neal also runs brilliant poetry workshops – currently via various online platforms. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit his website HERE.

Pick up a poem today!

Library Girl.


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