‘Monsieur Roscoe On Holiday,’ by Jim Field.

Bonjour! Today I’m sharing one of my favourite picture books of the summer: ‘Monsieur Roscoe On Holiday.’  Readers learn how to speak French whilst they follow Monsieur Roscoe and his Goldfish, Fry, en vacances.


After packing, the dynamic duo head to the countryside to go camping with with their friend, Eva. Then skiing in the mountains with their good friend, Stan. Boating, the beach, food… they certainly pack a lot in!

The quirky illustrations have a vintage charm to them which perfectly fit in with the relaxed holiday vibe. There is so much to spot and talk about – in English and in French! Ideal for anyone with a pre-schooler and plans to head to the continent in the future.  It’s so much easier to learn another language when you’re young, so now’s the time to get started!


This book was born out of Jim Field’s own struggle to learn French whilst living in Paris, and him witnessing the apparent ease with which his daughter picked up both languages.

Totally charming – Monsieur Roscoe would make an excellent gift.

Au revoir,

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Hodder Children’s Books for sending me this title to review*

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