Journeys into the Unknown

The two books featured in this post will take you deep into places you’ve never dared explore before! ‘Gut Garden’ will take you into the wonderful of microbes hidden within your body, whilst ‘Unseen Worlds’ exposes the millions of microscopic creatures hiding in your bed and kitchen cupboards – not for the faint-hearted!

‘Unseen Worlds,’ by Hélène Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt (What On Earth Books)

This is such a fascinating book! Book Boy had been learning about the importance of microscopes in science and I knew that this was just the book to illustrate that point. Visit the underwater world of plankton, explore the miniature jungle of your bed, or discover the amazing tardigrades who make a tuft of moss their home.

I love the large fold-out pages which allow you to explore each organism in greater depth and the handle scale included so you know just how many times the microscopic critters have been magnified. Brilliant for budding microbiologists. 8+

‘Gut Garden,’ by Katie Brosnan (Cicada Books Ltd.)

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that right now, there are trillions of microbes busily working away in perfect symbiosis with your body? They deactivate toxins that enter your body, help our bodies make vitamins, and prevent infections – clever stuff! As you explore your microbiome through the pages of this book, you’ll also learn about some of the bad microbes who can make you sick, take a look down your throat, and of course there’s lots to find out about your digestive system!

This is a fascinating book full of bite-sized facts and brilliant illustrations. The cartoon-style microbes add an element of fun and make the book more accessible to younger readers. Lots to learn and explore! 7+

Have fun exploring these hidden worlds!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to the publishers for sending me these titles to review*

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