Christmas Advent – Day 3 ‘The Three Wishes: A Christmas Story,’ by Alan Snow.

This is a throughly beautiful and original explanation of how Father Christmas came to be. It is quite unlike any Christmas book I have read before – quiet, thoughtful and magical.

The young boy and his family spend their lives moving from place to place as they follow their food. It’s hard to imagine life ever being very different.

One day, when out herding his family’s reindeer, they get drawn into a mysterious cave which holds eternal Summer and is watched over by three unusual characters. The boy cannot leave the cave without time outside standing still meaning that he can’t ever be with his family again.

With the help of three wishes, and a lot of hard work, the boy is allowed to leave once a year to see his family as time stands still. And each time he leaves a gift so that they know he’s been. Over time, the boy visits other families too and so begins some of the Christmas traditions we now know.

This would be a lovely read for anyone wanting something which celebrates the meaning and traditions of Christmas in an entirely new and timeless way.

Library Girl

*Many thanks to Pavilion Children’s Books for sending me this title to review*

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