‘The Perfect Parent Project,’ by Stewart Foster.

You know that you are going to be in safe hands when you open up a Stewart Foster novel. Author of the award-winning ‘The Bubble Boy’ has a brand new title coming out on the New Year for us to enjoy:

‘All Sam wants is a family of his own, a home instead of a house and parents he knows will still be there when he wakes up. Because Sam has been in and out of foster care his whole life and can’t imagine ever feeling like he truly belongs. Then his best friend Leah suggests that rather than wait for a family to come to him, he should go out and find one. So begins The Perfect Parent Project – Sam’s journey to find his perfect family, with surprising and unexpected results.’

Stewart Foster has that rare ability to tell stories which are hilarious and heart-breaking in equal measure. My heart broke for Sam as he described wanting a home, not a house, and his reluctance to put posters on the wall in his current bedroom in case he wasn’t there for very long. His previous experiences of life in care had obviously left their scars and would take someone very special to help heal them.

Sam’s quest for a forever family was punctuated with moments of real humour to lighten the story and make it more accessible to its intended middle grade audience. I loved the banter between Sam and his best friend Leah. This rang true with what I’ve witnessed as both a teacher and a parent. The way they really cared for each other but also mercilessly took the micky was spot on.

This would be a brilliant read for anyone aged 9+ or perhaps for members of a soon-to-be foster family. It certainly opened my eyes to some of the many insecurities or misunderstandings which may be harboured by a looked after child.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Simon & Schuster Children’s Books for sending me this title to review*

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