Blog Tour: ‘Opie Jones Talks to Animals,’ by Nat Luurtsema, illustrated by Fay Austin.

Introducing the first in a brand new series of hilarious middle grade titles from author Nat Luurtsema.

‘10-year-old Opie Jones is Very Ordinary. In fact nothing remarkable has ever happened to her, if you don’t count the cat that gives her funny looks from next door (which she doesn’t). So she is naturally very surprised when she is recruited to join The Resistance – a team of superheroes who can read minds, and have a dastardly brainwashing villain to defeat.

HOWEVER… it turns out Opie can’t read human minds, she can read ANIMAL ones. The other members of the Resistance are very disappointed. And a whole world of animal chat and demands is opening up to her. She’s still a superhero, just one on her hands and knees in the mud, chatting to a pedantic worm.

But when the brainwashing villain is out to get Opie and her friends, it might just be that listening to all the creatures great and small is what makes Opie Jones the right person to save the world.

Any book which starts with a disclaimer from a sweaty, bad-tempered cat gets a massive thumbs-up from me! If you want to find out why so sweaty, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

I love Opie as a character. She’s quiet and unassuming. Always follows the rules and does not like to and out. It’s only when she joins the Resistance that we see her true drive and determination shine through (although we do see glimpses of this when faced with frenemy, Cillian!)

The messages about working hard to hone your skills, pushing past your fears and learning how to navigate friendships (whilst trying to master new superpowers and thwart a supervillain) are ones that all children need to practise – hopefully this book will inspire them to try that little bit harder.

Full of laughs, the various animal stars had me in stitches! Particularly the rather aloof Margot Von Catton who nails her character who does things according to her own rules. Purrfect for readers aged 9+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont Publishing for sending me this title to review*

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