Cover Reveal: ‘The House on the Edge,’ by Alex Cotter….

If you happen to have book vouchers burning a hole in your pocket, you might like to pre-order yourself a copy of this spine-tingling new title publishing on the 1st July 2021.

Where has Faith’s dad gone? Why has he left his family living in an old house perched on a crumbling cliff top? A crack has appeared in the cliff and Faith watches anxiously as it gets bigger and bigger each day… Her brother is obsessed with the sea ghosts he claims live in the basement, and when he disappears as well, Faith starts to believe in the ghosts too. Can she find her brother and bring her father back before everything she cares about falls into the pitiless sea below?

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?! If you’d like to win one of three copies, head to my Twitter account (@BookSuperhero2) to enter my giveaway.

Library Girl.

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