‘Keeper,’ by Alan Gibbons, illustrated by Chris Chalik.

Today I’m sharing one of Barrington Stoke’s excellent dyslexia-friendly titles which is absolutely packed with facts about famous goalies and the history of goalkeeping. I love that it’s celebrating an oft-neglected member of the team.

‘New boy Shane Logan has a temper, but he’s also a talented goalie. When Peter and his friends invite Shane to join their football team, he delivers a star performance in the first match. But Shane’s not the only one who makes an impression. Hanging over him like a shadow is his dad, Mick, who yells orders and insults from the sidelines. What is Mick’s problem? And why does Shane seem afraid of him? The more Peter gets to know Shane, the more he worries that something is wrong – and that Shane’s not as tough as he seems.’

As with all of Alan Gibbons’ writing, this story had such an authentic voice. It really celebrates the boys’ love of football and how being part of a team or a group of supporters can be like having an alternate family. I also loved the inclusion of goal-keeping facts in between the chapters, celebrations some of the greatest goalie saves (and misses!) 8+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Barrington Stoke for sending me this title to review*

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