Blog tour: ‘The Most Important Animal of All,’ by Penny Worms, illustrated by Hannah Bailey.

This brilliant book is a must if you’re studying ecosystems or have an interest in the natural world. Endorsed by the British Ecological Society, packed with information, and gilded with gorgeous illustrations – you are in for a treat!

“A teacher challenges her class to decide which is the most important animal of all. Seven children champion a different animal for the top spot. * Is it BEES as master pollinators, or BATS who are night-time predators and pollinators? * Is it ELEPHANTS who shape their landscapes and spread seeds, or BEAVERS who create watery habitats? * Is it TIGERS or SHARKS who keep populations in balance so there is food for all? * Is it tiny KRILL, food for so many whales and sea creatures?”

I totally love the whole premise of this book – a class exploring the animal kingdom, culminating with a vote on which animal the children think is the most important of all. It would make such a great class project and could lead to so many fantastic learning outcomes.

The book itself is an absolute cornucopia of information about some of the most fascinating and important creatures on this planet – elephants, bees, beavers, and bats all get a vote (amongst many others.) There’s such a lot to explore – life cycles, photos, diagrams, and fact files, but it’s all presented in such a beautiful and engaging manner that children will love reading it.

I would thoroughly recommend this for children across a primary school because it features and explains a wide range of scientific vocabulary. Do you know what a ‘keystone species’ is? I didn’t until I read this book!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Mama Makes Books for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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