‘Freeze,’ by Chris Priestley.

I went into this book with high expectations (after loving one of Priestley’s other collaborations with Barrington Stoke, ‘Seven Ghosts.’) I was NOT disappointed! Atmospheric, modern, and so very creepy – as I was reading, my mind was already whirring with ways to use this title to inspire some of the children I teach to write some spooky stories of their own.

‘When Maya and her classmates are asked to write a creepy story with a winter theme, they come up with some brilliant ideas. Rising floodwaters uncover long-buried bodies and ghostly children take to the ice on a frozen canal. But as each of the stories is read out in class, Maya grows more and more uncomfortable. She features in each of her friends’ creepy tales and they start to feel a little too real. Finally, when a mysterious new girl stands up to read the last story of the day, the light outside dims and it starts to snow. The classroom starts to freeze but everyone is trapped. Can Maya stop the story before the nightmare comes true?’

Truly chilling! I could see a terrifying class anthology coming out of a reading for this. Another bonus is that it has been published by Barrington Stoke, who are known for their short, snappy, dyslexia-friendly titles. An absolute must-have for anyone aged 9+ who likes to be scared!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Barrington Stoke for sending me this title to review*

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