Parrot Street Book Club – The Macaw Subscription for 12-14 year olds.

It’s in those post-primary school years that reading for pleasure can tend to take off in tweens. A monthly book subscription from Parrot Street Book Club could be just what they need to keep them hooked!

What makes these subscriptions so special is that each month, the recipient gets a carefully selected book from beyond your standard best-seller list. Not only that, but each book comes with activity ideas to help readers connect more deeply with the text.

One of these subscriptions would make the ideal Christmas gift, birthday gift, or any time of the year gift! To claim your 12% discount on a new subscription, enter the code: MACAW12 until 25th December.

I was sent one of the new ‘Macaw’ subscription packs to and was delighted to have been sent a title I hadn’t seen before!

‘Burning Sunlight’ by Anthea Simmons

Zaynab is from Somaliland, a country that doesn’t exist because of politics and may soon be no more than a desert. Lucas is from rural Devon, which might as well be a world away. When they meet, they discover a common cause: the climate crisis.

Together they overcome their differences to build a Fridays For Future group at their school and fight for their right to protest and make a real impact on the local community. But when Zaynab uncovers a plot which could destroy the environment and people’s lives back home in Somaliland, she will stop at nothing to expose it. Lucas must decide if he is with her or against her – even if Zaynab’s actions may prove dangerous…

‘Burning Sunlight’ is great choice as it focusses on the very topical issues of climate change and climate activism, in particular the disproportionate effect on third world countries. The book also comes with book club-style discussion questions and special access to an online clubhouse with exclusive author content and additional activities.

There are also subscriptions available for other age groups so head on over to the Parrot Street Book Club’s website and get shopping!

Library Girl.

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