Blog tour: ‘Thank You for the Little Things,’ by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Emily Hamilton.

Sometimes, when it seems that lots of bad things are happening around you, it can be very easy to only focus on the negative. That mindset can be very hard to shift, but wonderful picture books like this one are a good way start changing that perspective.

Just that reminder to stop, look around, and start appreciating the small things which make you happy can be enough to make a real difference.

‘Whenever I am feeling sad
or life feels hard or wrong or bad,
I focus for a little while
on little things that make me smile . . .

What are the things that make YOU feel happy? From swinging high on playground swings to licking melty ice cream, there are lots of small things that can cheer up a grey day.

This reassuring, uplifting picture book celebrates the little things that bring us joy and happiness. We all have bad days and sad days, but sometimes it’s the smallest things that make us smile!’

This really is a joyful read! As I was reading through the pages, I was reminded of some of the little everyday things which make me happy and then started thinking of lots more besides. Crisp winter’s days with bright blue skies and sunshine come pretty high up my list. As does hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirt cream!

Emily Hamilton’s illustrations are just gorgeous – full of colour, warmth, and fun. They help make the book feel like a great big, smiley hug!

As well as encouraging my own children to pause and name three little things which have made them happy that day, I am also going to share this story with the children I work with. As these children can often struggle to focus on positive emotions, I’m planning on working with them to make posters/ lists/ collages/ Jars of Happiness filled with all the things which make them happy. The hope is that they will become more mindful of their surroundings and positive feelings throughout day as they add things to their jars etcetera.

Library Girl.

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