Science Week: ‘The Science of the Future: Beyond Belief,’ by Alex Woolf and Jasmine Floyd.

With a new technological breakthrough is announced nearly every week, we are trying to prepare our children for a unknown future and for jobs which don’t even exist yet.

This brilliant book explores some of the revolutionary new ideas which are currently being worked on and could soon be permanent features in our lives. It also looks at how more recent developments have been used to make us better informed and better connected than ever before.

Today’s innovators are often inspired by the futuristic visions of science fiction… worlds in which humans can travel through time, teleport, upload their minds to a computer and create artificial life. But did you know that many of these strange and far-fetched ideas could one day emerge as real technologies?

Learn what steps scientists are taking to make these dreams real, and what the implications may be for humanity.

This is an absolutely fascinating read! I’ve explore the theoretical concept of faster-than-light travel, dabbled with immersive virtual reality, debated the ethics of immortality. All the facts are broken down into bite-sized chunks and clearly explained without skimping on some challenging technical vocabulary.

I’d love to use this to inspire some ‘inventions of the future’ work with a class and create some spreads for our own book. Imaginations and ideas are guaranteed to be sparked from the conversations this book will start. 8+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Little Tiger Press for sending me this title to review*

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