Poetry Spotlight: ‘Ready for Spaghetti,’ by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Polly Dunbar.

ReadyForSpaghetti by @MichaelRosenYes, illustrated by @PollyDunbar is a delicious collection of funny poems for the very littlest of little ones. They beg to be read aloud and stomped around to! Gorgeous, heart-warming illustrations. #poetry

This one seems apt given the downpours we’ve been having recently!

“From two of the biggest names in children’s publishing, this is an inspiring guide to wordplay for young readers, their parents and teachers.
I’m ready for spaghetti
Will you getti the spaghetti?
Don’t say, “Not yetti spaghetti!”
‘cos I’m all setti for spaghetti.

Fizzing with rhythm, energy and laughter, the 30 poems in Ready for Spaghetti delight in the details of children’s daily routines. “Up, up, uppity-up!”, the first poem announces, while the artwork shows a child leaping out of bed, ready to begin their morning; “Hush and a hush, soft and low”, chants the final poem, as children snuggle under their blankets after their day’s adventures. Full of affectionate observations of young children, which are beautifully continued in Polly Dunbar’s warm-hearted pictures, Michael Rosen’s poems are ideal for reading aloud with toddlers … and many grown-ups will soon know them by heart!”

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Walker Books for sending me this title*

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