Blog tour: ‘Brrr!’ by Kes Gray and Nick East.

Have you ever wondered what really happened to the dinosaurs? Well this chilly tale from best-selling author Kes Gray will explain all!

‘Brrr! The Ice Age is coming, the temperatures are dropping and the dinosaurs are frrreezing. Only one thing will keep them warm – woolly jumpers! But dinosaurs can’t knit, can they?

Find out what REALLY happened to the dinosaurs in an out-of-this-world adventure, featuring dinosaurs, knitting and a trip to outer space.’

The idea of dinosaurs knitting themselves out of the ice age really tickled me – particularly when I pictured fearsome t-rexes picking up their knitting needles and whipping up some rather jolly Christmas jumpers!

Dinosaur fans will be impressed by the range of dinos featured, even if they are slightly doubtful of the scientific accuracy of the story. They’ll also delight in spotting all the humorous details woven into Nick East’s illustrations. Perhaps they’ll even be inspired to pick up some knitting needles and have a go themselves!

A fun and frosty read for children aged 3+


*Many thanks to Hachette Children’s Books for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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