Halloween Reads (ages 0-7)

It’s that time of year when you might be looking for a gently spooky read to get your little pumpkins into the Halloween mood. In this post, I’m sharing a selection of book suitable for readers aged between newborn and seven-years-old. Each features characters who perhaps don’t quite match up to their scary exteriors.

‘Easy-to-use peekaboo sliders, a funny rhyming text and surprise mirror ending combine in this stylish and interactive board book for babies and toddlers!

With a total of 10 smooth mechanisms to push, pull or turn on every spread this beautiful book is packed full of Halloween fun!’

– This is such a fun, interactive board book to share with toddlers and babies. Take a journey through a house which is all ready for Halloween. Potions, spiders, and bats ahoy! Packed with sliders and tabs to help develop fine motor skills and a mirrored surprise at the end. Robustly constructed and tested by my nine-year-old!

‘Boo does NOT like Halloween.

She isn’t spooky, she’s small and sweet. 

And she does NOT like trick-or-treating. Why? Because she’s afraid of the dark.

So, when Halloween comes around Boo is especially worried. All the noise, and scary costumes, and people running around in the dark… Boo does not like it one bit!

But when she meets a little boy who also shares his fears, Boo realises that perhaps Halloween – and the dark – aren’t quite as scary as she thought.

And is Boo ready to shine? You bet she is!’

– A great read for those who are not sure that they like Halloween. Gently reassuring and full of warmth, children will relate to Boo, the pumpkin who’s afraid of Halloween. It features a lovely message about being yourself, being brave, and taking your chance to shine.

‘Bat just wants to make friends, but everyone is scared of him!

When other animals see Bat’s shadow at their window, they’re terrified and think he’s a monster. How can Bat show them that he just wants to share some cake?’

– A gorgeously warm and snuggly story. It’s perfect now that the nights are drawing in and thoughts turn towards warm blankets and comforting food. This story would be a good choice if you’re wanting to explore themes of friendship and not judging by appearances. Warning: you may feel the urge to bake after reading this book!

‘Since Winnie and Wilbur first appeared in 1987, they have been delighting children and adults in homes and schools all over the world and more than 9 million books have been sold. Celebrating the wonderful relationship that exists between Winnie and Wilbur, this 35th anniversary edition includes forewords by the author and illustrator, a gallery of Winnie and Wilbur’s most magical memories, and sketches from Korky Paul’s studio.’

– I think most adults who have/ work with small children will have enjoyed one of Winnie and Wilbur’s adventures at some point. I really enjoyed taking a tour behind the scenes of the stories – seeing how illustrations develop and looking back on past adventures. I wonder where they’ll go next..?

‘In Kitty and the Vanishing Act, Kitty is called on to investigate a disappearance. Magical double-act The Great Marella and Crystal the Poodle are in town performing their magic show at the Diamond Light theatre, but mid-way through a vanishing act Crystal fails to reappear. Can Kitty use her powers to track down Crystal and save the show?’

– This is the newest instalment in a great series of highly-illustrated early chapter books for developing readers. The mix of magic, midnight, and superpowers make for a subtlety spooky read. I love reading Kitty’s adventures and wish I had a cat crew to help me solve mysteries!

‘It’s Autumn’s first day at Sparkledale Dance Academy. She loves dance and gymnastics so being an official member is a dream come true!

With lots of magical mishaps at the team bonding sleepover, can working together help Autumn and her friends find out who is behind the strange goings on at Sparkledale?’

– Hooray! Autumn Moonbeam and the gang are back and they’re heading off to dance academy. This is the second title in this growing series of early chapter books and is as full of fun as the first. All about growing up, following your dreams, and doing magic.

‘An exquisite fairy tale lift-the-flaps hide-and-seek from the international bestselling author of Inside the Villains.

“Quick, hide!” Chased by monsters – a hairball, a stinkwart and a creeper – each hairier and stinkier than the one before, a child needs to find shelter in three famous fairytale houses. The Three Little Pigs’ brick home, Sleeping Beauty’s palace and Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread mansion.

Lift the flaps big and small to discover curious places for the child’s best chance to hide. Knock on the door of the Little Pigs’ bathroom, open up Hansel and Gretel’s oven (if you dare!) or see who’s already inside Sleeping Beauty’s stopped clock.

The hero of our story has read their story books and knows how to vanquish villains, causing the monsters to flee.

This intricately produced large fold-out book is like no other: a celebration of fairy tales and child empowerment that’s full of humour and detail on every page. Over 40 interactive elements to mesmerise pre-schoolers and independent readers.’

– If you haven’t encountered any of Clotilde Perrin’s frankly astounding interactive books before, get this one then go and buy the rest! Definitely one for older readers as it’s full of cutouts, flaps, and peep-throughs to navigate as you run and hide from the repugnant monsters rampaging through fairytale houses. I’d say seven-plus for this one.

Happy reading!


*Many thanks to all the publishers who sent me these titles to review*

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