Blog tour: ‘Pizazz vs Everyone,’ by Sophy Henn.

Whoop, whoop! My favourite reluctant superhero is back in another unlikely adventure. And this time she’s battling….herself!


Everyone’s favourite 9¾-year-old reluctant superhero is back, and she’s facing her biggest challenge yet . . . EVERYONE (and EVERYTHING)! Will it all prove too much? Will Pizazz manage to keep using her powers for good? Or will this push her over the edge to . . . THE DARK SIDE?’

What I love about this title is that it’s relatable – Pizazz is entering those tricky tween years, battling against being who everyone expects her to be whilst struggling to discover who she really is. Pizazz has always been a very reluctant superhero and we see this taken to new levels when she becomes tempted by exploring ‘the dark side.’

Part of the appeal of this whizz-banging series is the highly engaging and exciting format. Readers just love the varied fonts, comic book-style layouts, and full page illustrations. There’s so much for the eye to explore and enjoy. Punchy storylines and lashings of cleverly observed humour make these books absolute stunners.

Now, it’s time to meet the baddies! Introducing Pollutooo…..

Everyone loves a good baddy! Especially one with epic hair-styling skills. Perhaps she could come up with a way to tame my unruly – though hopefully not using that icky gunk she shoots out of her hands!


*Many thanks to Simon & Schuster for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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