Blog tour: ‘Britannia’s Baby Encyclopedia,’ by Sally Symes, illustrated by Hanako Clulow.

Britannica are renowned worldwide for their comprehensive encyclopedias. These are perhaps, a little in-depth for the very smallest knowledge-seekers which makes it doubly brilliant that they’re released a brand new toddler version with sturdy board pages and beautiful full-colour illustrations.

‘The first-ever Britannica Encyclopedia for children under three, in a beautifully illustrated, large-format board book.

Britannica’s Baby Encyclopedia explores big ideas through a little one’s eyes. This huge board book covers an enthralling spectrum of topics: Earth, Animals, Plants, Food, Machines, Art, Music, Numbers, and Shapes. The simple, clear, and lyrical text includes plenty of sound words for an enjoyable reading-aloud experience, and is paired with gorgeous illustrations by Hanako Clulow. Reviewed by early-years specialist Dr. Amanda Gummer, as well as a host of Britannica subject experts, this is the perfect book to inspire little brainiacs!’

Brain growth and vocabulary development is rapid between the ages of 0-3-years-old. This volume features a selection of carefully chosen concepts, aimed at building vocabulary and encouraging curiosity. It taps into a child’s innate interest in the world around them, introducing topics through relatable examples such as going to the park or having a teddy bears’ picnic.

Reading with your little one is the perfect time to snuggle down and bond. Even the very littlest babies are stimulated by images on pages and will learn to associate books and the sound of your voice with pleasure. As they get older, sharing and enjoying books help build basic literacy skills such as knowing which way to hold a book and how to turn pages!

The gorgeous illustrations and bouncy text make this the perfect book share and a great addition to any Christmas shopping you just might be doing for little ones this year!


*Many thanks to Britannica Books for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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