Blog tour: ‘That’s Mathematics,’ based on lyrics by Tom Lehrer, Chris Smith, illustrated by Elīna Braslina.

It’s always a good time to share a wonderful new picture book which celebrates the maths which surrounds us day in and day out. Linking learning to children’s everyday lives is such a powerful way of helping them make connections in their learning and develop sound understandings of mathematical concepts. That’s what makes this book so special:

‘That’s Mathematics is a maths book like no other! It’s a vibrant, colourful book for young children showing them that maths is useful, interesting, fun and EVERYWHERE! We use it every day when we count, share, play, do sport, make cakes or move to music.
Aimed at children from 5 to 8 years, the youngest can enjoy it as a picture book, reading Lehrer’s rhyming song lyrics and looking at Elīna Brasliņa’s fun illustrations. They will pick up a basic understanding of real-world maths and learn some core primary maths language along the way. Older children are challenged to ‘Try This’ and ‘Explore This’ by author Chris Smith, who is a maths teacher, musician and all-round maths enthusiast. The activities are designed to deepen their curiosity and knowledge.’

This eye-catching book features plenty of engaging activities on each page as well as further supporting activities online which you can find HERE. Handily, there’s a parents’ notes section at the back, a glossary, and the answers for those who need an extra helping hand.

A great way to encourage children to think differently about maths and pick up plenty of mathematical vocabulary whilst having lots of fun. I would recommend this for budding mathematicians aged 5+


*Many thanks to Mama Makes Books for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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