Blog tour: ‘Lost on Gibbon Island,’ by Jess Butterworth, cover by Rob Biddulph.

I have always been a fan of Jess’s writing. I love how it is rooted in the natural world and takes the reader alongside the main protagonist on a wonderful journey, often to a faraway place. ‘Lost on Gibbon Island,’ is no exception. As soon as I started reading, I was swept away to a remote island with Lark and fighting to survive right alongside her.

‘If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve come to rescue me. My name is Lark Taylor, and I’ve been shipwrecked on an island. The last mainland I was on was Cambodia, miles and miles away from home…’

When Lark’s mum takes her family with her on a research trip to Cambodia, Lark never expects that she’ll end up stranded on a deserted island! But that’s exactly what happens when her boat is shipwrecked.

With her only companion a baby gibbon, Lark faces many dangers – brutal storms, scorching sunshine and jellyfish-infested waters. And with dwindling food and water, she must make a plan to find her way off the island before it’s too late…

I was totally gripped by the first-person diary format and rattled through the story at a rate of knots trying to discover what fate befell Lark and baby gibbon, Goldie. There were plenty of heart-stopping moments to keep readers enthralled, along with moments of pure joy and wonderment.

As the story of the shipwreck unfolded, it became very clear just how dangerous organised rings of animal smugglers are and what risks those who fight against them for the protection of animals face. It’s important for children to be able to read books which highlight some of the crises faced by other species who inhabit this planet. Jess is always brilliant at doing this in a measured and age-appropriate manner.

I can see this being very popular with readers aged 9+. If you’re thinking about using this in school, a wonderful resource pack has been produced for you to download and use:


*Many thanks to Orion Children’s Books for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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