Blog tour: ‘Wild,’ by Ele Fountain.

A new title from Ele Fountain is always a reason for celebration. Her writing is guaranteed to draw you in and take you on a journey- in the case of ‘Wild,’ literal and metaphorical!

‘Jack craves adventure, even if it means getting into trouble at school. He thinks he can get away with it as his mum is too busy to notice. But then she suggests that he comes along with her on a work trip – and doesn’t tell them where they’re going.

As Jack spins further out of control, his mum eventually becomes concerned – and shocks him by suggesting a trip together.

But this will be no relaxing holiday. Soon Jack finds himself on an expedition deep into the rainforest, far from anything he’s ever known. He wanted an adventure – but has he plunged into real danger?’

At the very heart of the story is Jack. A teenage boy who has recently lost his father and is spiralling deeper into the depths of his grief and withdrawing from his mother. This sensitively told story only too accurately depicts a lost, angry, said teenager calling out for help through negative and increasingly risky behaviours which I think will really hit home with its target audience.

The unexpected trip into the depths of the rainforest is a stark contrast to the environment Jack is used to. You can sense his obvious discomfort initially as he and his mum journey deeper into the unknown. As the story progresses however, we start to see a change in Jack as he uncovers newfound strength.

Links to environmental themes such as the destruction of the rainforest due to logging and the displacement of indigenous people feel very current. It’s important that issues such as these are discussed in books that children are able to access independently and begin to ask questions about.

I would definitely recommend this for readers aged 10+


*Many thanks to Pushkin Press for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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