‘Simon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den’ by Aimee Carter

Simon Thorn is different.  He knows it and the bullies at school know it too.  Simon can talk to animals but he can’t let anyone know, particularly not his uncle,  Darryl, who has forbidden him to go anywhere near any animals.

When one day a hoard of terrifying, hungry rats swarm his apartment and kidnap his often-absent mother, Simon vows to rescue her whatever the cost.  His destiny soon becomes clear and he begins to realise the extent of his abilities – he can talk to animals because he’s an animalgam – Simon’s been born able to change into another animal at will.

The animalgam kingdom is in terrible danger.  Can Simon save it, and his mother, before it’s too late?

This action-packed adventure is sure to be a hit with Percy Jackson fans, and lovers of fast-paced thrillers.  The first in the series and I’m howling for more.

Library Girl.

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