‘How to Capture an Invisible Cat’ by Paul Tobin

Nate Bannister is an 11-year-old genius with a problem.  A big problem.  A big, invisible problem…

Every Friday the 13th, Nate does three not-so-smart things.  On this occasion, he super-sizes his pet cat, Proton.  And turns him invisible!  Proton’s on the loose, running rampage through the neighbourhood.

It’s a race against time for Nate, his new friend Delphine, and his incredible talking dog, Bosper, to track down the six messages needed to complete the formula to return Proton to normal size.  This is not as easy at it seems.

Several super high-tech inventions, a legendary credit card and sky-diving without parachutes follow but will the daring duo complete the formula and capture the cat before the entire town’s destroyed?

The first in a series of five illustrated books from the Angry Birds comic writer, Paul Tobin, this hilarious book is full of madcap inventions, daring scrapes and newfound friendships.  It’s sure to appeal to any reader who likes gadgets, gags and gigantic invisible cats!

I want a sonic leash!

Book Boy.

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