‘The D’Evil Diaries – Hell’s Belles’ by Tatum Flynn

Tommy’s in Hell. Literally. Ever since she was sucked down into the afterlife, all the locals have refused to accept her. She may have saved Hell from carnivorous carousel horses and hoardes of hell-beasts, with the help of her best friend, Jinx (the actual spawn of Satan) but the other demons just won’t accept a twelve-year-old Bonehead living among them.

Desperate to prove herself, Tommy enters a diabolical tournament.  All is not as it seems; the evil Lilith (Jinx’s Stepmum) has a few devilish tricks up her sleeve. Will Tommy give up? When Hell freezes over!


This action-packed adventure is full of clever jokes, daring deeds and dastardly plots.  It’s sure to appeal to lovers of adventures and comedies alike.  An original concept for a children’s book; it can’t fail to engage older readers.

‘Hell’s Belles’ is the second book in the brilliant ‘D’Evil Diaries’ series.  Look out for it in all good bookshops!

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