‘The Island’ by Olivia Levez

It’s not everyday you read a book which instantly becomes one of your favourites, but this week it happened to me.

“There were friends once, but they melted away.  Things are different now I am a MONSTER.”

If that line doesn’t get your attention, nothing will!

Fran’s survived a terrifying plane crash in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is now stranded on a small, inhospitable island.  She desperately needs to find food, water and shelter.  She’s all alone with just the awful memories of the things she did in her past life, the things which made her a monster.  Fran has to struggle with her own private demons, and the harsh conditions of island life, to try and find a future worth living for.

This book had me gripped from the very beginning and I was immediately rooting for Fran, the main character.  You just can’t help but want her to survive, particularly as details of her tough childhood unfold.  Her outer toughness is cast into doubt as the tender and motherly relationship she has with her younger half-brother, Johnny, is slowly revealed.  Gripping, breath-taking and heart-breaking – I cannot recommend this book enough to all teen readers.

*Parental Warning*  There are some distressing themes and scenes within this story.  It is definitely one for the teen or young adult reader.

Library Girl

 – I would like to thank Rock the Boat Books for sending me this book to review-


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