‘Accidental Superstar’ by Marianne Levy

*WIN – Comment below with the title of the song which would make you a viral sensation to win a copy of this brilliant book!* (competition ends on 6th April 2016)

‘If I’d known that two million people were going to be watching, I’d probably have done a bit of tidying up.’

Katie Cox was just your average teenager – messy bedroom, ignored by her family, and actively disliking her Mum’s new boyfriend, Adrian and the crummy house he’s convinced them all to move to.

Little does she know that a video of an impromptu jamming session in her, frankly disgusting, bedroom is about to viral and turn her into an overnight internet sensation!  A recording contract and fame are only a heartbeat away.  But is fame going to turn out to be all it’s cracked up to be?

Accidental Superstar

Tweens are bound to love this upbeat take on fame in the YouTube age.  They will identify with the image issues and self-doubt faced by Katie as well as enjoying her friendship dramas and quirky lyrics, which are included in the story.  I would thoroughly recommend this to all fans of Zoella and the ‘Geek Girl’ series.  A great read.
*Parental warning – there is a mild swear word in the opening chapters of this book*
Library Girl.

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