Even better than Easter eggs…!

If you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate this Easter, how about trying one of these egg-cellent picture books instead?

‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’ by Laura Hughes


This delightfully illustrated lift-the-flap book is based on the traditional song, ‘We’re Going on a Lion Hunt.’

Help the Easter bunnies as they go on the hunt for some delicious Easter eggs but keep your eyes open for the sneaky wolf who fancies a tasty treat too!

A perfect Easter read for young book-lovers.


‘Too Many Carrots’ by Katy Hudson

This book is packed full of glorious illustrations…and carrots!

Rabbit has a problem.  He just can’t stop hoarding piles and piles of crunchy carrots, until it gets to the point where there’s no room left for Rabbit in his own burrow.

His friends kindly agree he can stay with them but carrot catastrophes soon mean they’re all out in the cold.

Can Rabbit find a solution to all their problems?

‘Warning! This Book May Contain Rabbits!’ by Tim Warnes


What would you do if you found a top hat labelled:’ Warning: Do Not Touch!’?

Mole and Lumpy Bumpy decide to ignore the warning and touch the hat.  Out pops a rabbit.  And another.  And another!  But surely bunnies aren’t dangerous?  Or are they?

Full of labels to build vocabulary, this is a great picture book for children who are just starting to read independently.


Wishing you all a book-filled Easter.

Library Girl and Book Boy.

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