‘Create Your Own Spy Mission’ by Andrew Judge and Chris Judge -Talking Their Top Ten Spies

Andrew and Chris Judge are a dynamic duo of brothers who have been collaborating on a thrilling, action-packed spy adventure, ‘Create your own Spy Mission.’  We’re very excited to be kicking off the blog tour of this brilliant book with a review and special guest post by the authors themselves, who’ll be sharing their top 10 spies ever!

If you are looking for a fun, interactive read where you get to doodle in, write in, fold and rip (eek!) your book, look no further.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Ethan Doodle – super spy.  You are in charge of helping Ethan fight off super villains aided by an ice cream-powered robot which you’ve designed!

We left this book at the secret drop-off point for a young spy we know, we’ll call him Agent X, to investigate.  He took it back to his base for analysis, then transmitted his thoughts. Once we decoded Agent X’s encrypted response, it became clear that ‘Create Your Own Spy Mission’ was a massive hit:

“This book is so cool!  I really loved being allowed to draw and fold the book without being told off.  My friends would be really jealous of this!”

High praise, indeed!

This book reminded me of the amazing puzzle books I used to have when I was younger, where the page you decided to turn to sealed your fate.  But ‘Create Your Own Spy Mission’ is even better because you get to interact with the book in so many different ways.

If you’d like to find out more, visit www.doodle.town  You could also take a look at their other fantastic collaboration, ‘Create Your Own Alien Adventure.’

Andrew and Chris Judge were asked to share their top 10 spies with us.  Here’s what they decided…

  1. James Bond

Andrew: James Bond has to be number one, of course. Sean Connery was my favourite.

Chris: Well, I have a soft spot for Roger Moore.

A: That new guy is good too. Craig Charles.

C: No, not Craig Charles. It’s Craig David. He’s good.


  1. Ethan Hunt

C: Everyone loves Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible.

A: Agreed. What’s your favourite Ethan Hunt stunt?

C: The window cleaning in Dubai.

A: I was going to say the lasers and the dangling one, but yeah, I like the window cleaning one too.


  1. Emma Peel in The Avengers

A: Emma Peel.

C: Enough said.


  1. Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin, Man from UNCLE

A: Who was your favourite between them?

C: The blondie fella. No wait, Robert Vaughan!

A: Robert Vaughan. Or the other one.

C: They were both good!


  1. Jason Bourne

A: Do we like Jason Bourne?

C: Of course. Jason Bourne Jr. is good too.

A: By Charlie Higson?

C: Yes, he forgets to do his homework because his memory was wiped.

A: And he goes on a rampage in school, and gets chased by the caretaker. That would be a good book.



A: Varys from the Game of Thrones. He’s more of a spymaster.

C: I don’t know him.

A: Well, he’s good. Or is he good? He’s bad. Who knows? It’s Game of Thrones.


  1. Spy vs. Spy

C: Spy vs. Spy from Mad Magazine.

A: Where did we get all those Mad Magazines? I loved them.

C: Dad used to pick them up from the newspaper seller on O’Connell Street.

A: That’s right. They were brilliant.


  1. Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, Get Smart

C: Get Smart. The opening credits for that show were the best bit.

A: Where he goes through all the doors.

C: Then goes down in the phone box lift.

A: Hang on. I’ll pull it up on Youtube.

[They watch the opening credits]

A & C: Mel Brooks!



Asterix books

A: The Asterix books, of course! There were loads of spies in those. Do you remember Mintjulep from Asterix and Cleopatra?

C: And the guy from Asterix and the Roman Agent, who made everyone jealous?

A: And Dubbelosix in Asterix and the Black Gold. He was my favourite?

C: The one based on Sean Connery? He was great. And the fly who fell in love with him and followed him everywhere.


Orlok the Assassin

A: Orlok from Judge Dredd.

C: He was the fella who caused the Apocalypse War?

A: Yeah. He was a great spy. A terrible man, but a great spy.


Do you agree?  We think Inspector Gadget should be on there somewhere!

Happy spying,

Library Girl and Book Boy.


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