‘Creaturepedia’ by Adrienne Barman

I was zooming round the local library when this beauty leapt off the shelf and into my arms.  Initially, it was the amazing illustrations on the front cover which caught my eye.  The quirky creatures and vibrant colours made it a real attention-grabber.


Upon opening the book, I was pleasantly surprised by the unusual category headings.  No ‘Mammals,’ ‘Reptiles,’ or ‘Arachnids’ in this original encyclopedia.  Instead, we have ‘The Big-eared Beasts,’ ‘The Pretty in Pinks’ and ‘The Champion Breath-holders’ roaming the pages.

Hours could easily be whiled away poring over the magnificent array of creatures featured on Creaturepedia’s pages, discovering weird and wonderful animals and trying to find one or two which may never have existed at all!

A beautiful work of non-fiction which will appeal to readers young and old alike.

Library Girl (‘Masters of Camouflage’ category)

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