‘The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall,’ By Karen McCombie

We are thrilled to be kicking off the blog tour for the fabulous Karen McCombie’s newest book, ‘The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall,’ with an awesome giveaway!



**One lucky reader is in with the chance to  win themselves a brand new copy of this brilliant book!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is comment below on this post, telling us where’s the spookiest place you’ve ever visited and why?

(Under 16s, make sure you have parental permission to enter.)

The winner will be announced on Monday 13th June**



Our full review will follow tomorrow, but just to tempt you, here’s a brief summary of the story:

Ellis’s mum meets and marries a famous rock musician and moves to a rundown and creepy mansion in Scotland.  Ellis is feeling lost until she begins to listen to the whispers in the walls…..

Are you hooked yet?!  The tale cleverly time-slips between the wilds of Scotland now and the top deck of the Titanic in 1912. The mysterious Wilderwood Hall is actually based on a real house which Karen McCombie stumbled upon years ago and thought was so special it deserved to be in a story.  This is it!

To find out more, win freebies or sign-up to Karen McCombie’s newsletter, visit her website following the link below:


Library Girl and Book Boy.

*Thank you to Scholastic for sending us a review copy and a copy to give away as our prize*

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5 thoughts on “‘The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall,’ By Karen McCombie

  1. Lyn Hopson says:

    I am a children’s librarian and worked in a school for 14 years. I worked year-round and was often the only one in the building in the holidays. My spookiest place was my library corridor on a dark afternoon in the Christmas holidays. Unnaturally quiet and eerie and all those doors….. My imagination did the rest!


  2. Tracy Baldwin says:

    Last Halloween I went trick or treating at a strangers house and there was loads of skeletons around their front garden and there were zombie hands crawling out the ground in front of some really creepy grave stones. There was a bowl with some yummy sweets inside but when I went to go and take some a robotic skeleton hand popped out the bowl out of nowhere. And then I just quickly left because I didn’t want to stay there any longer.

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  3. Angela Wood says:

    After a function at the Primary School that I work at I realised someone had left one of the outside doors open and I had no key to lock it. I had to stay in the building alone while my colleague drove to pick up some more keys. As the clock struck middnight the floors began to creak and the wind whistled through the rafters, every character from every book I’d ever read, in my imagination, was lurking around the next corner. 15 minutes seemed like 15 hours and I felt like that little girl I used to be longing for company in the deep of the night. My coleague did return rather briskly and said ” ooh it’s earie in here” I replied. ” don’t be a scardy cat!” And we locked up and went home to bed.


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