‘Petunia Paris’s Parrot’ by Katie Haworth, illustrated by Jo Williamson

Petunia Paris’s life is practically perfect in every way – perfect parents, perfect birthday parties and perfect presents.  Until, for her fifth birthday, she asks for a parrot…


Every birthday, whatever Petunia asked her perfect parents for she got: a swimming pool, a personal chauffeur, a bicycle.  By her fifth birthday, she had no idea what she wanted until a bird-brained idea flew into her head – a parrot!  A parrot was what she wanted.

So, after her usual fabulous birthday party, she was presented with a splendid scarlet macaw.  Petunia had heard that parrots liked to talk, so she set about trying to get the magnificent creature to make conversation.  She was disappointed.  Why wasn’t this parrot doing what she wanted…?

I was charmed by the spoilt and slightly prim Petunia and her family and giggled at the crazier elements of the plot such as the parrot’s preposterous outfit.  Another illustrative detail which caught my eye was the switch to a full colour palette after the more limited use of colour earlier in the book.

Without giving away the ending, this quirky story teaches a valuable lesson about listening to others and considering their needs rather than just your own.

A really lovely read and a valuable moral lesson.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending me this fab book to review*

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