‘Mac and Bob’ by Alan Windram, illustrated by Dave Sutton

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to Alan Windram for sending us these fab books to share with some young children that we know.  They have been thoroughly road-tested by the pupils; their thoughts will follow later.

party prob 300dpi cover







Mac and Bob – The Unexpected Visitor: This is the first book in the series and introduces us to the industrious Mac and Bob who are busy working on their farm, ploughing fields with their big red tractor and feeding all the animals.

Suddenly, there’s an explosion of colour and noise – the circus has come to town! There are acrobats, a marching band and clowns aplenty.  But Mac and Bob have work to do.  That is, until they notice the animals are behaving rather strangely.

The excited animals are all running around chattering and whispering.  What on earth’s going on?  Mac and Bob are about to find out!

Mac and Bob – The Party Problem: In the second instalment, Mac and Bob have a party to go to.  They love the food, and dancing and having fun.  But there’s a problem – Mac doesn’t have a thing to wear.  Whatever will he do?

Another fun adventure on the farm.

Both books come with a bonus CD of sing-a-long songs and an audiobook, beautifully read by author, Vivian French.

The Verdict: We tested these books on two classes of 4 and 5-year-olds.  They had a wonderful time singing along to the songs and laughing at the silly situations Mac and Bob got themselves into.

They particular enjoyed poo Mac running about in his underwear, trying to stop his washing from blowing away in the wind. And seeing the unfortunate chickens being buffeted about.

“I loved Mac the best.  He was really silly running about in his big pants!’ Ayesha, aged 5.

“My most favourite bit was seeing the chickens being blown around the farmyard.” Mark, aged 4.

The books seem to have been a hit!  Crazy, farmyard fun for all!


Library Girl.


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