‘Six,’ by M.M. Vaughan.

Parker Banks has moved with his family from London to New York and is struggling to fit in and make friends at school, unlike his younger sister, Emma (who happens to be deaf.)  His dad is at the forefront of pioneering technological advances and is constantly at work for a top-secret corporation.


It seemed like just another normal day, hiding from the school bullies with his only friend, when Parker received a terrifying message from his father via the E.F.E communication device his family use – his father’s being kidnapped by the power-hungry and ruthless director of the ‘SIX’ project he’s been working on.  It’s up to Parker to follow the clues his father left him and stage a daring rescue.

Not only does his father’s life hang in the balance, but the whole world is under threat!

I really enjoyed this pacy, action-packed read.  It had a good blend of sleuthing, rule-breaking and gadgets.  I also thought it raised some interesting ethical issues around the development and testing of new technologies, and who should have access to them, for what  purposes.  Something which is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society.

All-in-all, I think ‘Six’ is the perfect story for lovers of high-tech gizmos and scientific wizardry.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Alma books for sending me this copy to review.*

If you like the sound of ‘Six,’ you might also enjoy this:

‘The Inventory: Iron Fist,’ by Andy Briggs.

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