‘Robyn Silver – The Midnight Chimes,’ by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Renee Kurilla.

Life was simple for feisty ten-year-old Robyn Silver, until she suddenly started seeing strange creatures around her town.  Creatures that were invisible to anyone else…

Robyn is the often-ignored middle child of five.  Her main worries are how to secure the last slice of pizza and survive sharing a bedroom with her annoying little sister.

When her school gets badly damaged by two enormous trees mysteriously crushing it, they all decamp to the spooky Grimdean House with its dark and brooding owner, Mr Cryptorum, who seems to hate children.

It soon becomes clear that something strange is afoot when Robyn, and her best friend Aiden, see skeletal fingers creeping out from behind cupboard doors and scary faces in the house’s many ornate silver mirrors.

Robyn quickly finds herself immersed in a secret world of bogguns, scree sags and kobolds.  Learning skills she never thought she’d need to know, but the town’s depending on her and her friends to protect them from an evil they don’t even know is out there.

This excellent book plunges you right into the thick of the action and keeps you gripped until the very end.  I love that Robyn doesn’t hesitate to throw herself headfirst into the excitement  and gets down to business training  with some pretty impressive weaponry and learns all about the power of wishes.

There are some fairly hairy moments in this book, but they are tempered with a hefty dose of humour – battling vampires with a deadly blade in one hand and a garlic baguette in the other, anyone?!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what adventures the next instalment holds.

Be careful what you wish for…

Library Girl.


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