‘Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go,’ by Cruschiform

Have you ever wondered just how quickly a tortoise actually goes? Or just how fast you’d need to be to be faster than a speeding bullet? Then this is the book for you!


This glorious picture book is crammed full of striking illustrations and fascinating facts to tantalise young minds.

My my trusty sidekick dived in headfirst and started exclaiming in delight. ‘Wow! Did you know a swift flies as fast as a helicopter?’ And,’Awesome! Apollo 11 orbited the Earth at 25,000 miles an hour!’

This book guarantees plenty of mathematical conversations about speed, distances and ordering numbers. The handy glossary at the back also provides snippets of information about the animals and objects featured in the book and makes you look at things in another light.

I really enjoyed the surprising ‘speed pairings’ of objects and creatures in this book, it certainly made me look at some of them in a different light.  I also liked the use of a limited colour palette, particularly the contrast of the orange and blue (one of my favourite combinations.)

A bold, striking and endlessly fascinating book for enquiring minds and machine enthusiasts.  Love it!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Abrams Books for kindly ending me this copy to review*

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