‘Captain Crankie & Seadog Steve,’ by Vivian French, illustrated by Alison Bartlett.

Ahoy there, landlubbers! Captain Crankie and his best friend, Seadog Steve are sick and tired of the other villagers dumping their rubbish in their back gardens and streets.  They decide they simply MUST take action…

The only problem, is that Captain Crankie’s solution ends up upsetting all the marine creatures who inhabit the sea he fishes on.  Luckily, Seadog Steve has a cunning plan that will make everyone happy.

This story cleverly combines a fun story with a clear environmental message.  It would be the perfect book to share with children who wanted to know more about marine pollution and the environmental effects of dumping rubbish.

Another fantastic tale from author Vivian French, who has also written other books such as ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and the popular ‘Tales from the Five Kingdoms’ series.  The story of Captain Crankie is greatly enhanced by Alison Bartlett’s glorious illustrations which really bring the characters and village to life.

Library Girl.

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