‘Malkin Moonlight,’ by Emma Cox.

We were delighted to recently be sent copies of the magnificent ‘Malkin Moonlight’ to review on behalf of TES Online.



As a kitten, Malkin escapes the clutches of death and is touched by the moonlight – he’s destined for something special.

Now on his third life, Malkin falls in love with Roux, a domestic pet. Together they explore the beaches, walls and secret places of the night. Roux teaches Malkin to read and Malkin teaches Roux to be brave. When Roux’s owners decide to sell up their business and move away, it seems as though their relationship will come to end, but Roux’s newfound bravery helps her run away and back to Malkin.





As an extra surprise, Emma Cox (the author) sent the children and I some beautiful hand-painted illustrations and thank you notes which will be proudly displayed at school.



To read our full review, including the children’s opinions, please follow this link to TES online:

Malkin Moonlight

If you’d like to read a fascinating interview with the author where she gives insights into her writing habits, click below:

Author Interview

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Library Girl.

*Many thank to Bloomsbury Publishers and TES Online for organising

review copies to be sent to us*





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