‘Indigo’s Dragon,’ by Sofi Croft.

The front cover of this book oozed magic and mystery to me, so I was thrilled to get hold a copy to review.


Upon opening the book, I wasn’t disappointed! Slate-topped mountains, towering crags and silvery becks greeted me as I was introduced to the wild-hearted main character, Indigo.  Indigo who dreams of exploring and of dragons. My imagination was immediately captured and transported to his world, which is ever-so-slightly more magical than our own.

When an unexpected parcel arrives – his grandfather’s satchel – Indigo discovers it’s full of mysterious herbs and a notebook packed full of diagrams of mythical creatures.

As strange things begin to happen, Indigo finds himself curing a cockatrice and defending a dragon.  He decides that he needs to head back to his family’s homeland of Poland to unearth the secrets his family has kept buried  in the Polish mountains, and to find his missing grandfather.

When things get dangerous, Indigo has to make choices which will change him and his future forever…

I loved this book and was totally sucked into the magical world Indigo and his family inhabit.  The blurb says this book would be perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and I’m inclined to agree.

The ending leaves the path clear for a sequel and I, for one, will be queuing up to read it.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Sofi Croft and Accent Press for sending me a copy to review*

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