‘The Fox and the Wild,’ by Clive McFarland.

Fred is a fox who was born in the city.  One day, he hears about a place called the wild…

Fred is out foraging in bins with his cousins one night, when things don’t quite go to plan. He flees to a rooftop to hide and asks the birds flying overhead where they’re going.  As he doesn’t get an answer, Fred sets off to investigate for himself.

A few false trails don’t deter Fred from his mission to find this mysterious place called ‘The Wild.’  This little fox is on a mission.

This story is a beautiful way to explore the differences between city and countryside habitats with little ones.  The illustrations cleverly show several different locations within the city and the wild from Fred’s perspective which prompt plenty of discussion.

I particularly loved the illustration showing Fred catching his first whiff of a wild breeze:

A magical moment which sums up how I feel out in the countryside on a crisp autumn day.

I tested this on two wild kits of my own and they really enjoyed following Fred on his journey, admiring the diggers, dark tunnels and scurrying through the undergrowth.

This book makes me want to go and find a crispy pile of golden leaves to jump in!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending me this copy to review*

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