The ‘Bella Broomstick’ series by Lou Kuenzler, illustrated by Nicola Slater and Kyan Cheng.

Part One – Bella Broomstick

Bella + Magic = Trouble! Or does it?

Bella (aka Belladonna Bat-Ears Broomstick) is, by all accounts, a totally hopeless witch. After failing the entrance exam for Creepy Castle School for Witches and Wizards a third time, Bella’s evil Aunt Hemlock despairs and decides to send her to live in Person World where she can’t cause any more damage.

When she arrives in Person World, Bella must keep her true witchy identity a secret, but a kitten with a nose for mischief tempts her to try just one teeny, tiny spell.  Trouble’s sure to follow soon after!

Bella is a loveable main character with a whole host of friends, enemies and enchanted creatures for company.  I really enjoyed seeing her arrive in the picturesque village of Merrymeet after all she’d heard about Person World back in the Magic Realm.  Her sense of wonder at the somewhat mundane human world was delightful to read about.

Another thing I liked was the fact that Bella was adopted by a human couple.  I thought some of the issues and worries she had may ring true with other adoptees.  These were dealt with briefly and in a light-hearted way, suitable for the target audience.

All-in-all, a funny and engaging take on a magical witchy tale.

Part Two – Bella Broomstick: School Spells

In the second instalment of this spell-binding series, Bella is off to person school.  There, she has to make friends, deal with enemies and try NOT to do any more magic.  However, this is easier said than done as her magic fluffy flamingo pen wand seems to cast spells without her even realising.

After helping Esme with a conjuring trick in order to shut up class bully Piers Seymour, Bella is faced with a rabbitty problem – one that’s multiplying rapidly.  Can she save the bouncing bunnies from the angry villagers and can she save her new friend’s windmill home before it’s too late for all of them?

I wonder what Bella will get up to next?

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Scholastic Books for sending me these copies to review*

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