‘The Knight who wouldn’t Fight,’ by Helen and Thomas Docherty.

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour of the daring tale ‘The Knight who wouldn’t Fight,’ the story of a young mouse knight named Leo.  This has been written by the awesome husband and wife team, Helen and Thomas Docherty who have also brought us such delights as ‘The Snatchabook’ and ‘Abracazebra.’


Leo isn’t like the other knights who spend all their time fighting – he loves to sit quietly and read books.

His parents are starting to get concerned, so when they see an advert in their favourite magazine asking for a dragon-tamer, they don’t hesitate in sending Leo off to do the job.

Armed with a new sword, shield, sandwiches and a mountain of books, brave Leo saddles up his trusty steed (Old Ned) and heads off to find the dragon…

Children will love the rhyming text and magical creatures Leo encounters on his valiant quest. My trusty sidekick was particularly impressed by the fearsome griffin.

The glorious illustrations bring the characters and story to life. I particularly liked the fiery red dragon and defiant look on Old Ned’s face as he squares up to him (HE’S not about to become horse on toast!)


For me, the clear message which comes through from this book is that reading and stories can be mightier than swords and fighting.  This, of course, is something us book-lovers already knew.  I’ve slain many a rowdy class or grumpy child with a good story – far trickier adversaries than dragons or trolls!

This books contains all the vital ingredients to make it a hit with reading adventurers: dastardly dragons, knowledgeable knights and a fantastic story!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Scholastic Books for sending me this copy to review as part of its blog tour.  For other stops, have a look at the banner below.*


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