‘Happy Birthday Old Bear,’ by Jane Hissey.

Old Bear is celebrating his 30th birthday this year but there are some stories which never age. Join Old Bear and his friends as they plan a special party to mark the occasion.


In their latest adventure, Old Bear’s friends are getting everything ready for his birthday party, with a little help from their new friend, Elsie the Elephant.

They’re busy wrapping, ribboning and blowing up balloons. Elsie tries to help her new friends do everything, but she ends up causing Bramwell to slip on a blueberry and squash the cake!


Luckily, the friends work together to fix the cake and get it outside to the garden ready for Old Bear’s party. Now they just need Old Bear.  But while they’re waiting, a gust of wind catches one partygoer by surprise meaning a daring rescue is in order!


This gorgeous book features the soft-toy characters which generations have come to know and love, and is packed-full of the timeless and magical artwork you’d expect to find on one of Jane Hissey’s books.

I loved these stories when I was growing up and was a little worried that my youngest son might not feel the same way.  There was need to worry – he was enchanted by the book and has asked for it over and over again.  The sign of a true childhood classic, I think.

This special 30th anniversary tale is available to purchase from September.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Scribblers Publishers for sending me this copy to review*





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