‘Crimson Poison,’ by Susan Moore.

In futuristic Hong Kong, Nat Walker (an orphan heiress) lives on a junk boat with her robot dragon and legal guardian.


Nat spends her time zooming through Hong Kong’s crowded highways on her slider (electronic hover board), racing between school, home and martial arts lessons.

Life becomes more complicated when her guardian, Jamuka, suddenly gets summoned to Mongolia by his Clan when a terrible sickness befalls them and the wolf pack.

Nat’s money-grabbing Aunt Vera is quick to swoop in to try and take legal guardianship of her (and get her hands on Nat’s fortune) but Nat has other ideas. She has to get to Mongolia and to Jamuka before it’s too late…

This book is an exciting fusion of the futuristic and the ancient.  Susan Moore has imagined a hyper-modern Hong Kong with technology that we can currently only dream of – sliders, pet robots, top-secret military weapons.  Alongside this, she has cleverly woven in the very ancient traditions of Jamuka’s clan which makes for an interesting read.

There are plenty of brilliant action sequences throughout, guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats until the story’s conclusion.

I would recommended this book to fans of action, gadgets, dangerous weapons and pet robots!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me this copy to review*





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