‘How to Hide a Lion at School,’ by Helen Stephens.

The third instalment of the bestselling How to Hide a Lion series has been released just in time for back-to-school.

Iris’s lion knows that lions aren’t allowed at her school; Miss Holland had made that clear on several occasions.

Lion uses his hiding know-how and ends up napping on top of the school bus.  However, today’s the day that Iris’s class is going on a trip to the museum so lion was in for a big surprise when he woke up!

Trying to stay unnoticed at the museum, the lion tries to stay concealed.  Needless to say, that’s very difficult for a rather large lion and chaos soon ensues.  Will Miss Holland ever be pleased to see him..?

I love the way this story turns an everyday setting into something magical and wonderful.  Who wouldn’t like to have their very own friendly lion visiting them at school?  The illustrations themselves are full of a warmth and humour which draws you into the story so you’re right there with the lion as he tries to follow Iris.

My son was delighted to recognise the museum that the school were visiting and doubly-delighted to see that his favourite dinosaur skeleton was featured in the book.  He chuckled aloud at the lion wrapped in toilet paper and was keen to try the same thing with his toy monkey.  I didn’t let him!

Another sure-fire hit from the wonderful Helen Stephens and an addition to the How to Hide a Lion series.  These other two lion books are also available:


Library Girl.



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