‘The Magical World of Amy Lee,’ from Scholastic.

I know you’ll all be clamouring to read the 100% official debut book from Amy Lee, creator of a hugely popular YouTube channel and a Minecraft maestro.


This super-shiny book is absolutely crammed full of a huge range of activities based around Amy Lee and her YouTube friends.  There’s colouring, quizzes, crafting, character profiles, puzzles and games – enough to keep fans occupied for hours!

Can you complete all the challenges and become the newest cute recruit?

I was pleased to find a varied range of activities inside which should appeal to her many thousands of followers.  There’s something for nature lovers and craft enthusiastically as well as plenty of facts about the characters who inhabit her Land of Love.

Excellent use has been made of colours and graphics to engage the reader and hold their attention.  The perfect book for a rainy day or, dare I say it, Christmas.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Scholastic for sending me this copy to review*

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