‘Midnight at the Zoo,’ by Faye Hanson.

Have you ever wondered what animals do at the zoo when all the people go home?  Max and Mia are about to find out as they embark on a midnight adventure.

Today is the day that Max and Mia’s class go on a trip to the zoo.  As their class clamber on and off the bus, they seem a little apprehensive as they hide at the back of the queue ‘like scaredy meerkats.’

Everyone is very excited to run off and see the animals, but not a whisker can be seen. Soon it’s late and the children all head back to the bus.  Except for Max and Mia, who soon realise they’ve been… Left behind!

They’re just setting up camp for the night when the clock strikes midnight. And the magic starts to happen.  Have you ever seen a flamingo flounce or a panda prance? If not, you need to visit a zoo at midnight!


This gorgeous picture book is full of bright and dazzling pencil illustrations.  The nighttime scenes in particular pop off the pages.  It’s sure to capture the imaginations of young zoo-goers, but hopefully not encourage any of them to go on an unauthorised overnight camping trip!

I do have to question the professionalism of Max and Mia’s teacher, however, who failed to notice that two of her pupils were missing when the rest of the class had boarded the bus – she’d be in a lot of hot water if this were real-life!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending me this copy to review*

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