‘Foxcraft,’ by Inbali Iserles


Welcome to the magical world of the fantastic Foxcraft series by Inbali Iserles.

Foxcraft – The Taken (book 1)

Isla and her brother, Pirie, spend their days blissfully happy.  They play, romp and stalk through the woods and fields surrounding their den – taking care not to bump into the furless who share their patch.  Life couldn’t be better.

That is, until one fateful day, upon returning to her den, Isla finds it’s surrounded by a skulk of strange and foreboding foxes.  Her family is nowhere in sight.

Running for her life and searching for her family, Isla must master the secret arts of foxcraft if she is going to evade her enemies.

I loved this book.  A few chapters in and I was hooked!  The pace is relentless as the reader follows Isla to The Great Snarl where she very quickly has to learn who to trust.  You can feel her pain and panic as she desperately tries to track down her litter-mate Pirie.

Iserles has created a whole new and brutal world right here on Earth under our noses, we (the furless) just choose not to see it.

Foxcraft – The Elders (book 2)

After reading the first instalment in this series, I was eager to find out what was in store for the Isla in the next part of her adventure.  I wasn’t disappointed…

In ‘The Elders,’ Isla continues her desperate search for her missing brother, a search that has brought her to the edge of the menacing Wildlands.  If she is to make it through the ancient forest alive, Isla will have to use all her cunning and knowledge of the arts of foxcraft.

As Isla hunts the forest for any sign of the secret meeting place of the mysterious elders, danger stalks her among the shadowy trees.  Who can Isla trust to help her?  Is there anyone she can really trust?

Isla will have to draw on all her resources if she is to find the council of Elders, masters of foxcraft and guardians of its secrets, for only they will be able to help Isla master her gifts and find her brother.

‘The Elders’ shimmers with the magic of foxcraft and hope.  At times, dark and foreboding, at others, heart-breaking but, at its very heart, is a glimmer of hope.

I can’t wait to read the final book!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Faye Rogers for inviting me to take part in this blog tour and to Scholastic for sending me the books to review*


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