‘The Inventory – Gravity,’ by Andy Briggs.

Get ready for the second thrilling instalment of the gadget-packed series – ‘The Inventory’ as it’s my stop on the blog tour.

In this sequel to ‘The Iron Fist,’ Dev and his friends (Lot and Mason) are having their skills tested as they’re sent to chase down one of the Double Helix’s henchmen with a superdestructive weapon stolen from The Inventory (a secret underground warehouse for highly-classified inventions): Newton’s Arrow – a powerful cannon which can manipulate gravity waves and collapse cities to the size of a ball.

Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as smoothly as Dev had hoped, despite the use of mech suits and the iron fist.   As events spiral out of control, he soon finds himself running from the very people he’s been trying to help and questioning the purpose of his very existence.

I loved ‘Iron Fist’ and wasn’t disappointed by its sequel which was just as full of gadgets and action.  However, I thought that ‘Gravity’ had a greater depth to it as we watch Dev wrestle with the question of his own humanity.  A very interesting issue in times when great advances in the field of genetic engineering are being made.

Whether you’ve read the first in the series or not, you can’t fail to get caught up in this adrenaline-filled adventure.

For details on ‘Iron Fist’ and an interview with its author, Andy Briggs, follow the link here.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Scholastic for sending me this copy to review*


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