‘Naughty, Naughty Monster,’ By Kaye Umansky and Greg Abbott.

‘I’m Naughty, Naughty Monster! Are you ready?  Here I come!’

Monster likes nothing better than rampaging through the woods striking terror into the hearts of its inhabitants.  This carries on until Monster meets his match – an extremely unimpressed fairy with a rather fancy tiara, who is determined to teach Monster some manners.  But will Fairy be able to change Monster’s behaviour from monstrous to angelic or has she have bitten off more than she can chew?

This delightful picture book is full of rhythm, rhyme and repeated refrains guaranteed to get little monsters joining in as you read.  It could also be used to start an interesting discussion about manners and good behaviour – what do they think of Monster’s behaviour and what could they do to help him?  Do they think Fairy’s solution is fair?

Library Girl.

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